The missing interface for the Google Analytics Management API

Enterprises and agencies can now manage hundreds of GA users across thousands of accounts, properties & views - all from one easy to use interface.

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Google Analytics user management across a multitude of accounts, properties & views (profiles)

Reduce time spent on managing GA users by a factor of 10!

Manage individual users

Easily audit which of your hundreds of Google Analytics accounts, web properties and views a particular user has access to, and at what level they have that access. The EAC makes this easy.  And modifying or removing that access is just as easy. Request a demo...

Manage many users in bulk

With EAC you can remove access across hundreds of users and accounts with just a few clicks. Search for large groups of users  by doing a wild card search on email address domain name. Request a demo...

Duplicate existing permissions

Easily replicate one user's permissions to another when employees leave or change roles within your organization. Increase security by eliminating multiple users logging in with the same credential. Request a demo...

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a Google Analytics Premium customer to use this tool?

Is there a limit to the number of accounts, properties, views or users I can manage with EAC?

Does EAC meet my corporate security standards?

Do you store my Google Analytics information on your servers?

Can the EAC be white labeled with my agency or department/group branding & URL?

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